What We Do

Attract & Retain Valuable Employees with the Perfect Benefits Package

When you are seeking consulting and implementation for your company’s employee benefits package, trust Whitten & Associates in Florence, AL for the highest quality services. Since 1962 we have helped businesses and organizations across the country devise plans that attract and retain valuable employees. Our experienced team of over 800 contracted agents assists with both core and voluntary benefits for union and nonunion workers, working closely with your unique business to create a package that is best for both employers and employees.

Benefits Evaluation

Our team starts the process by taking a look at your current employee benefits plan. We examine both your core and voluntary benefits packages. Core benefits are the benefits that are automatically given to employees once they begin working. These may include health insurance, life insurance, retirement planning, or other standard benefits. On the other hand, voluntary benefits are those which employees can choose whether or not they want. Voluntary benefits may include pet insurance, cancer coverage, or financial assistance for continuing education. These types of benefits are becoming increasingly important for drawing in qualified employees.

After we evaluate your benefits, we will find any existing gaps. By providing gap coverage, you can give your employees and their families the peace of mind to know that their specific needs are covered. We work with you to evaluate your company, to help us determine which benefits may be most useful for you and your employees.

Select Your Products

After completing your evaluation, we will guide you in selecting products. We negotiate with companies to get you the following: Core Benefits Guaranteed Issue, or health insurance for all employees regardless of pre-existing health conditions Benefits Amounts and Prices, attractive to both employer and employee Benefits and Coverage for Dependents

Products that we can incorporate into your benefits package include dental and vision insurance, disability protection, cancer and critical illness insurance, accident coverage, hospital coverage, retirement funds, life insurance, and more.

We work with your unique company and workforce to determine the package and products that will be most beneficial to you and your team. Our goal is to ensure you are able to attract and retain the best possible employees.

Implement Your Plan

Once your new benefits package is arranged, we will work with you to implement it. We ensure you have the resources you need to be able to accurately inform your employees as to both the core and voluntary benefits available to them. Based on your organization, we will help you design a group meeting, one-on-one meetings or online resources to offer your employees so that they are fully aware of the enrollment timeline.

After your new benefits package has been implemented, we will continue to provide support and guidance to answer any questions or update and adjust your package as needed.

Contact us today at 256-764-6972 for more information about any of our services or to receive a quote or contract. We work hard to ensure you have an employee benefits package that is tailored to your company.