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Since 1962, Whitten & Associates in Florence, AL has been providing high-quality employee benefits services to companies and organizations across the country. Here, we are dedicated to working with each individual client and meeting the unique needs of you and your employees. Our experienced team, which consists of over 800 contracted agents nationwide, consults with you, and then customizes and implements a plan. When you don’t offer an adequate benefits package, you may lose out on qualified, valuable employees. Ensure that your company is a place where your workers feel motivated and satisfied by choosing our knowledgeable team to create the perfect benefits package.

To receive a quote, contract or product information, contact us today at 256-764-6972. We look forward to working with you and your business or organization!

David WhittenPresident

Marketing/Administration – Commercial

Steve Whitten

Marketing/Administration – Postal/Federal

Carol FreySteve’s Assistant

Postal /Federal – Marketing/Administration
Postal /Federal Licensing and Contracts

Lindsey RichardsonDavid’s Assistant

Commercial Marketing/Administration
Commercial Licensing and Contracts

Caroline Whitten

Postal/Federal – New Business

Ginny Hill


Mitzi Hatton

Supplies: Postal/Federal/Marketing & Commercial

Pam Eck

American National and Customer Service

Bobbie Barber

Claims Representative

Haley Mashburn

Customer Service/Postal Federal

Jennifer Berryman


Brian Whitten


John Whitten


Josh Whitten